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10 Scholarships Due Soon

  1. Water Variety Scholarship ($1000, due May 12 – today!) – for students intending to work with (or to protect) water resources, via academic majors in environmental science, biology, engineering, film & art, international politics, or chemistry
  2. Thurgood Marshall College Fund Scholarship ($5000, May 22) – for students attending Historically Black (or Predominantly Black) Colleges or Universities
  3. Cyberbullying Awareness Scholarship ($1000, due May 31) – essay contest on how to prevent cyberbullying
  4. Scholarship4Moms ($10,000, due June 15) – for mothers (including teen moms) who are juggling motherhood and college
  5. GoGlobal Scholarship ($1000, due June 30) – for students who believe in the importance of language learning
  6. MyBioSource Scholarship ($1000, due June 30) – to support students with disabilities
  7. ABC Humane Wildlife Academic Scholarship ($1000, due July 1) – to support women studying STEM subjects 
  8. David Struewing Memorial Scholarship ($1000, due July 1) – to support students interested in improving emergency medical services, especially in the context of the opioid crisis 
  9. Solar Scholarship ($1000, due July 1) – essay contest on “what excites you most about the future of solar power?” 
  10. Course Hero First Generation Scholarship ($5000, due July 3) – for students who are first in their family to go to college