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Adult Evening

handshakeThe Adult Evening Program at Mercer County Technical Schools offers technical and Apprentice training opportunities for adults.


Whether you are interested in career advancement and certification, or just want to learn more about an area of personal interest, Mercer County offers a broad range of affordable and convenient part-time courses.

Introduction and Program Objectives

The Adult Evening Program of the Mercer County Technical Schools provides courses which are designed to upgrade the present skill level of the student; acquaint the student with recent changes and latest techniques which havce become used within the respective occupational area; and provide entry level training for new employment or career change. The Adult Evening Program is always prepared and willing to assist local industry in the retraining and upgrading of their employees by providing special courese and customized training that will meet individual company needs. The Board of Education of the Mercer County Technical Schools will take into consideration the development of any additional fields of training which can be beneficial to the residents of Mercer County. Suggestions from agencies, management, industry and labor organization are always welcomed.

Five general types of programs are taught within the Mercer County Technical Adult Evening School. These may be classified as being either Trade and Industrial, Apprenticeship Training, Technical, Computer Related, or Personal Enrichment/Avocational.

Blocks of instruction generally consist of twelve, three hour instructional class sessions resulting in thirty-six contact hours each. For Technical, Apprentice and T&I program units, an additional evening of three hours is generally provided for testing purposes. Thus an apprentice student will generally complete four units of instruction per year (two per semester) resulting in a possible 156 contact hours of class. The 144 class contact hour yearly requirement for apprentices can thus be comforably met by the student. Depending on the program followed, some units of instruction are delivered consecutively, while others are delivered concurrently along with a separate unit.

In order to enter a program containing sequential units of instruction at advanced standing, a student must present evidence of equivalent, formal education.

Courses are designed:

  • To increase the skill and knowledge of the worker,or
  • Fulfill the requirements of an apprenticeship program,or
  • Help a person to acquire new skills that will broaden his/her employement opportunities,or
  • Help a person meet the licensing requirements established by the State of New Jersey or the Federal Government,or
  • Enable the homeowner to make minor repairs around the house,

All apprenticeship courses delivered are approved by the N.J. State Dept. of Labor and satisfy requirements by the Federal Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Mercer County Technical School District is to provide audults with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necesary to successfully enter, compete, and advance in a changing world of work. This mission will be achieved in concert with the educational, business, health care, industrial and labor communities by offering training and support services designed to develop the following skills:

Related academic skills - basic competencies (i.e. reading, writing, computations etc.) necessary to prepare in order to secure a career, and assure success in the work force of the future.

Technical and other employability skills, knowledge, understandings and competencies necessary to perform the required workplace tasks, including problem solving and critical thinking; and personal, social, and leadership skills necessary for career development and advancement, economic self-sufficiency, and effective employer/employee relationships.